1 Trocken Sauna, 1 Dampfraum, 1 Jacuzzi (Whirlpool) für 7 Personen, 1 Salz Raum, 1 Massageraum, 1 Fitnessraum, Duschplatz, Ruhezone

Spa & Wellness

Find relief you deserve

Experience the beauty of a location that's ideal for relaxing, fresh air, getting near to nature and free from the noise of the area. Experience luxurious luxury rooms and amenities that reflect on the leisure environment in a SPA hotel with swimming pool.

Your Escape

Discover the soothing beauty of nature

Take a moment to appreciate the warm air of San Francisco. Discover the hiking paths of the park, the secluded locations above the river, and the nearby attractions. Relax out of town.

Our services

Our tranquility specialists will help you navigate the core elements of wellbeing.


Laguna beach massage

90/120 minutes • $350/$450

Your massage therapist will lead you through an exquisite range of aromatherapy to artfully maximize the experience of pure stimulation or guided medicinal relief. Preliminary treatment with the Therapeutic Mineral Bath is advised.

California wildflower massage

90/120 minutes • $350/$450

Comprehensive therapy complements a personalized regimen of warm medicinal contaminants to heal and alleviate pressure and injury. Escape a stream of enchanting jasmine cream that increases the senses as the doctor relieves the anxiety. 120 minutes allows an extra treatment and a sweet present to carry home.

Laguna glow stone massage

90/120 minutes • $350/$450

Warm, hand-carved Himalayan salt stones ease tension and put you back to earth. The profoundly restful and exhilarating fragrance of neroli results in relaxing and extremely smooth skin. 90 minutes or more may require a treatment of the gemstone face or alternating cool stones, if desired.

Lemon juniper detox massage

90/120 minutes • $350/$450

The anointing with essential oils focuses on purifying and detoxifying the skin. Dry brushing exfoliates, colors, improves airflow accompanied by a personalized treatment of coastal flavors such as mango, lime, grapefruit and juniper. A soothing gel soothes the calves while you embrace foot massage to help you feel balanced.


Elements of wellness experience

120 minutes • $475

The water dimension takes you to the ultimate spa experience. A personalized program helps the Master Therapist to take advantage of a broad variety of choices, such as bath or rain shower treatment. Treatments such as earth or ocean botanical scrubs, body wraps or calming soaks can be combined with different bodywork strategies for a customized experience unlike any other.

Elements of wellness therapy

90/120 minutes • $375/$475

A tailored therapy centered on the healing and restorative attributes of an array of bodywork modalities hand selected with your Master Massage Therapist to best suit your needs and preferences. Traditional massage, aromatherapy and advanced techniques such as reflexology may be experienced in this balancing spa therapy.